Sunday, June 25, 2006

What is David's Fate?

One question I have had is can David repent? Has his committed the unpardonable sin by committing murder? Our Sunday school teach said that he may never attain anything above the Telestial. If he had not received any level of forgiveness he would have received no glory and yet to have fallen so far to not be able to reach beyond the Telestial. Also the statements in 2 Sam 11-12 about his wives being given to another. Is that in this life or in the resurrection? Does anyone know the history of David at all? Did he lose his wives in this life? The scriptures reference that the Lord would do this thing before the sun. That kind of spoke of Celestial things to me, but I have nothing authoritative yet.

Anyone else have anything autoritative?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bible and Book of Mormon

Several are offended at the suggestion that there would be any scripture in addition to the Bible. Several also are stunned at the thought that God might have had any other plan than to keep the Bible pristine through the centuries.

Book of Mormon
Prophets have asked us to read the Book of Mormon every day.

Latter-day saints love the Bible and it has been an act of God that it has been preserved to us in the condition it is in.

I don't know what question to put here to spawn discussion, but this is such an important issue that I feel it is worthy of discussion. Maybe part of the problem is that I can not articulate the issue. Perhaps the discussion should start with someone helping me define the issue.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

If Your Eye Offends You Pluck It Out

The Lord talked about this and it is recorded in the gospels. Over the years I have heard these passages discusses as referring to excommunication, but I was just listening to a BYU devotional given on June 6, 2006 by Joseph Perry. The talk was called "On Being a Christian Perfectly".

He proposed that one application of this doctrine might be to not pluck out our eyes if we can't keep from watching bad things, but to pluck out the cable, internet, or TV if they are causing us to stumble.

Evil Spirit From the Lord

1 Samuel 16 talks about Saul being afflicted with an evil spirit from the Lord. There are several other verses that use that same wording. I saw that the Joseph Smith Translation says that it is an evil spirit not of the Lord. I notice that other bible translations from other church seem to keep that theme that the evil spirit is of the Lord.

I was wondering if anyone had any information about the translation of these verses and the doctrine of other churches that would explain, from their perspective, an evil spirit from the Lord.