Sunday, August 02, 2009

Limited Focus

We often find that lessons in Church only focus on some portions portions of the doctrines that are contained in the lesson manual. In turn it is often the case that the lives of many members also only focus on parts of the doctrine.

Here are a few examples:
  • Word of Wisdom - What seems to stand out to people is we don't drink and we don't smoke. We often leave out of our lives the other parts of the code of health like how to eat properly.
  • Sabbath - Generally we as members of the Church focus on Sunday being a day that we don't work. Some forget to not make others work and most forget that even though it is a day not to work, it is also not a day to play.
  • Earrings - Most everyone heard President Hinckley say that if women are going to wear earrings they should only wear one in each ear. Many missed that he said if you felt the need to wear earrings that they should be modest earrings.
Lessons are to contain the basics and have limited time constraints, so not every point of doctrine is covered. Our lives should not stop with simple parts of the gospel that are easy for us to live.