Thursday, April 28, 2011


We were talking in Teacher Development class a few weeks back about always having the scriptures with us.  We talked a little of more and more people having their scriptures on their phones or music devices or pocket organizers.  We then talked that a better way is to have them in our minds.  Mostly with a familiarization, but also to some degree through memorization.

When I was a kid I had to memorize various things for school.  I didn't care for it because it was a lot of work.  My dad had to memorize the Gettysburg address when he was a kid and he also did not care for it.  At the time he expressed that he didn't see the value in it and I agreed.

Memorizing still takes a lot of work.  Whether there is value in memorizing the Gettysburg address or other things from school, I know not, but what I do know is that memorization is a good brain exercise and brains need exercise just like muscles.  I also know that the more of the scriptures and words of the prophets we have memorized, the better teachers we can be to our families, our ward, and the world at large. We will be able to more easily recall them impromptu when we are teaching or when we are answering people's questions in life.