Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Elder Neal A. Maxwell - Twelve Guidelines For a Christlike Life

My dad died last year and my son has his scriptures. My son found a book mark in them and it had these twelve guidelines from Elder Neal A. Maxwell.

Elder Neal A. Maxwell has given twelve guidelines than will tell us how well we are progressing toward a more Christlike life. They are-
1.Achieving the right balance between self-contentment and ambition.

2. Following counsel as Moses followed Jethro's counsel (Exodus 18:17-24).
3. Not being too absorbed in one aspect of life, like Martha (Luke 1 0:41 -42).
4. Praying for right things.
5. Having right reasons for our good behavior.
6. Taking gratefully what life brings.
7. Loving our enemies.
8. Being free from envy of those who do better than we.
9. Forgiving and forgetting
10. Using our adversities as tools to grow.
11 . Becoming more patient.
12. Becoming more willing to follow the Lord wherever he may lead us.