Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Theater Shooting in Aurora, Colorado

Some thoughts from a friend on Facebook.

"After becoming more socially withdrawn and 'obsessed' with virtual online games, the Colorado shooter committed a great tragedy. Among other things, if only he had understood this prophetic warning three years ago about how seemingly innocent entertainment can eventually trap the mind and destroy the soul by blurring reality."


" I was fascinated when two young men that had been in the theater and had escaped the shooting were telling the reporters how 'It was so real... It wasn't like a video game. It was REAL!' They were amazed at the reality of it all. It is so easy now to become desensitized. And while we all need to be vigilant, it is interesting that Elder Bednar specifically addressed this particular age group...college students."

"They reported yesterday that those who knew him started noticing him withdraw some time ago and become more isolated and obsessed with the games. Although I think there were other factors as well."

Another thought I saw from someone else was that the other 65 million legal gun owners didn't kill anyone today.