Sunday, March 09, 2008

Love is What You Go Through Together

I was listening to the last Worldwide Leadership Training meeting on the way to work a few weeks ago and heard Elder Jeffery R. Holland talking about the reasons that people put off getting married (schooling, finances, and so forth). He then quoted James Thurber, "Love is what you go through together." (See “Thurber,” Life, Mar. 14, 1960, 108.).

As I heard that I thought of another facet of people making decisions to get married. Sometimes the opposite is true. People jump into bad relationship because they don't think logically enough and get God involved in the decision making process. At times people get caught up in feelings about how handsome the other person is or that they enjoy being touched by them or that it is so exciting to see them in some activity they do whether it be driving a fast car or playing a sport and they label that as love.

As I reflected on my own experience and on the quote that Elder Holland gave, I wondered if love doesn't happen until one has been married for some period of time. It also reminded me of the Michael McLean song It Wasn't Love Before.

It appears to me that love comes through going through experiences together. One should perhaps look more at if this is a person who they could successfully go through trials with.

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Mark Hansen said...

The problem I have with this idea is that it implies that the relationship is "bad" to begin with, and the people "jumped into it". The problem really is that they got into the relationship and then proceeded to make it bad after the fact. The same could be said for a good relationship.