Monday, June 30, 2008

Fair Test

I was listening to an Ensign article on the way to work and the author noted that life is a fair test because our memories had been taken from us or something like that. I haven't yet gone back to reread it to find out what they entirely said, but it struck me as something that people not of our faith might not understand, so I pondered it a little. I captured the following thoughts and perhaps people could comment here and help me make them more coherent.

  1. With our memories wiped our true character could come out. We would not be inhibited by something we remembered from before.
  2. When your boss is in the room you might be more guarded and not show your true character whether it be good or bad.
  3. Someone offers you money in another currency to perform some set of tasks over the course of a few years. Perhaps it is a job offer, I don't know. You have no idea how much the currency was worth. Would you be limited in what you were willing to do to get that money?
    What if someone came up to you and said that they had read something by a person who had been to that country and knew that what they were offering was a large sum of money? What if they gave you material that detailed how to do the tasks and they told you the tasks would take time, but you could do them in the time you had been given? Who is the author of what they read? Who is the person testifying that they know the author to be truthful? What if they told you there would be people who had experience with such tasks to help you?
    Perhaps you would have to do some research yourself and learn about that currency and maybe even that culture. Through the process you would learn and grow as a person and maybe earn even more money as you progressed in your research and in the end you would have the large sum of money as well?

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