Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Characterists of a Worthy Career

Mark E. Peterson in One Lord...One Faith said,
"We must remember always that life is more than meat --- and the body than raiment. Our careers may provide the meat and raiment, but it is the gospel which nourishes the soul.

With this in mind --- if I were now preparing for a career --- I would choose a line of employment which would:

Not require Sunday labor.

Nor much night work.

Nor one which would require me to be away from home and family to any great extent.

Nor which would force me to choose close associates who lack proper standards of decency and right.

Nor which would uproot my home and disturb my own routine through frequent transfers.

I would choose a career which would be working to my mind and my soul.

I would seek one intellectual challenge.

I would seek a job in which I could feel I was making a contribution to the welfare of my fellow men as well as to my family and close associates.

I would choose a type of war which I would not be ashamed -- one which would reflect honor upon my family -- one which would make a child of mine say: "I am proud of my dad -- see what he is doing."

I would choose an occupation which would not interfere with the living of my religion nor with my full participation in church activities.

I would want the kind of daily job which would be compatible with my becoming a bishop or a number of a stake presidency in case I were called to such a position.

I would choose the kind of work which would permit me to have a normal life -- with time for companionship and will with my wife and children.

I would remember that good family life --- based on a good marriage --- is essential to the ultimate end of my existence --- and that therefore, my job must never be permitted to interfere with my family life and relationships.

I would want the kind of job which would be compatible with my living a clean life and having a prayer in my heart each hour of the day.

I would choose the kind of job in which I could be honest and fair --- and in which I could close each day's dealings with a clear conscience, knowing that I had done unto others as I would be done by.

In other words, my job would be my servant and not my boss.

It would contribute to my objective in life --- not interfere with it.

It is through the --- and not through our careers --- that we become like God."

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