Sunday, March 14, 2010

Logan, UT Temple

We went to the Logan temple yesterday.  It was nice to be there, but it was a bit confusing.

Getting Lost
I often get turned around in the temple and even more so when it is my first time at that temple, but Logan was especially difficult for some reason.

The confusion started a block or two away from the temple.  The road we came in on turned into a one way to make room for a scenic walkway or something.  The confusion came more upon leaving since we had followed a friend in and the road was one way going the direction we needed to get in.  We were entirely lost on how to get back since our friend was gone.

Then we moved to the parking lot.  Our friend told us that it is frequently over flowed.  Fortunately this time it was not, but was still a very oddly shaped parking lot.  I did find the gates around the temple to be unique and ascetically pleasing.

Once we got out of our vehicle and headed to the door we were unsure where the entrance was.  We followed some people, but they appeared to be confused as to where the bride would come out for a wedding that appeared to be happening.

There were tons of people standing around in the entry ways and around the front desk.  We weren't sure who was waiting to check in and who were just loitering.

The hallways always seemed to draw me in the wrong direction and I would end up in a corner that went no where.

There were several other confusions as well with various seating situations, but I feel constrained to give too many details there.

Noise and Loiterers
As I mentioned previously it appeared that there was a wedding going on.  There were several people milling around out side the entrance, making it difficult for others to enter.  They seemed to be so caught up in visiting that they were oblivious to others outside their party.  This sort of thing continued once we entered.

There were people stacked in the entryway.  All of this may have been exacerbated because it was cold and raining outside.  The people in the entryway were much the same as those under the overhangs outside.  They were just standing around visiting and not paying attention to being courteous and that others were there to attend the temple and not to party.

The noise was like the rumble in a reception hall, rather than a temple.  People were mingling all around the front desk and into the seating areas in the temple foyer.  One of the matrons apologized for the noise.  I would've figured someone would ask the people to keep it down, but I often find it noisier than it should be as people stand and visit in celestial rooms at times as well.

I do not advocate the temple being overly ornate, but I was surprised that such a unique looking temple was very non unique on the inside.  This is not a complaint.  As with most of my commentary, other than the discussion of misbehaving patrons, this is just an observation.  I enjoyed going to the Logan temple.

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