Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bored Without Being Employed

I am often stunned when I hear some people who are retired or are getting ready to retire speak of not knowing what they are going to do when they retire. I have heard some trying and trying to find a hobby to occupy them.

I have heard similar things from married women without children. I have heard them talk about how they had to go find a job, so they didn't sit around and watch TV all day. I admit I watch too much TV, but if I am bored with TV and have extra time, there is no shortage of things to be engaged in, especially as a member of the Church.

I recommend that when you retire or if you are a wife become self employed in doing good. Don't feel slighted or lost without corporations or career telling you where and who you need to be.

There is tons of service that needs done in this world.

People complain about the public schools. Go volunteer to help out. Yes, they will still be a bureaucratic mess and a tax dollar sink hole, but you will likely have helped several children before you are done.

There are people who want to learn whatever the predominant language is in the area in order to better themselves. You could volunteer to help them learn it.

There are often multiple languages spoken in areas and being bilingual could help you be of more service to those around you and create understanding goodwill. You could take that time to learn a second language.

There are still too many people that are illiterate. Help teach someone to read.

Babysit for a young mother that is overwhelmed or go over and assist her in some way.

Help a young couple with fix-er-upper work they don't know how to do and can't afford to hire out.

Help someone learn a trade. If you know something about nursing or computers or auto mechanics or plumbing or whatever, then guide someone else getting started in that area on how to get started, where to find resources to help them, or who they can get in contact with.

Volunteer at the temple. Step one, take your own family names or do temple names. Step two, ask about being a temple worker. Whenever I go they appear to usually be shorthanded in certain parts of the temple.

Work to perfect your home and visiting teaching. We all could do better and with extra time you could do much better.

Do missionaries work. Full time missionaries get a ton of work done. Do some of the things missionaries do during your day and bring others to Christ.

Volunteer at a family history center. You can use the resources there for your family history work and you can help others with theirs. You can also fellowship and uplift both members of the church and those who are not.

Create a blog. Share your life experience with others. Try not to "over share", as that can make people flee from you, but be a resource for people to use in their lives. Share scriptures and quotes you have found.

There is plenty to do without relying on the tv or an employer.

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